Sunday, October 7, 2007

One Down....

Saturday's wedding is over. Is it bad that it makes me completely too happy?

Everything was fine. Except for Mom. Mom of the Bride that is. I'm sure she's a nice lady in "real life", however, on her daughter's wedding day, this was not the case. She barked orders at everyone, wouldn't let me do anything at all (what a waste of their money to pay me to do nothing), and told every single vendor how they should be doing their job. This included taking the camera out of the photographer's hands to look through it at the shot he was getting ready to take and telling him "that'll do." Seriously. Like I said, all around a nice woman....but there was no doubt that she either was over the top control-freak or thought this was her day.

My bride was beautiful. I know I say that all the time, but she was downright model-like. Her dress was just classic with a touch of sexiness to it. I gasped when I saw her and that doesn't happen to me much anymore. I wish she could have calmed down a little too, but she was adamant about knowing what was going on, what the vendors were doing, the timeline, etc. By the time they got to the reception she was finally at ease.

This couple has a baby daughter and she nearly stole the show! A young family member pulled her down the aisle in this old-fashioned wagon. It was the best baby/child entrance I've ever seen. So precious.

The Marriott Milwaukee West pulled off yet another flawless event. I'm not a huge fan of hotel wedding receptions, but I really do like this one. The ballroom is gorgeous, their staff is fabulous, you get white glove service. Ok, maybe I'm a little bias since I worked for Marriott for nearly 12 years, but these people have their shit together and that's what I like.

Once again, no pictures. Not because I forgot my camera...because I had it! But the batteries were dead. I swear, my mother passed on her bad luck with cameras to me.

Now I'm off to the next wedding. I pray it all goes well. It's an outdoor ceremony in this horrible heat and all of us vendors have two hours tops to get everything done at the ceremony site and the cocktail hour/reception rooms. I think I'll be ditching the high heels today.

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Jessie said...

"That'll do"? Sounds like a lovely woman.