Monday, October 8, 2007

It's Over

The Wedding Weekend is officially over. I think I'm too tired to even post anything about yesterday's wedding, but I'll give it a try.

First, let me say that I did have to miss my friend's reception last night. I kind of figured I would and had given her a head's up, but I was still bummed about it. I could have gone very late, but my other friends were all gone by then. The upside to this meant that I got to watch the Packer game, loss and all. :(

Sunday's wedding was a blistering nearly 90 degrees. Not exactly what you would think an October weekend would be like. To top it off, the ceremony was held outdoors at the Botanical Gardens. Hot weather at the Gardens = bees. Lots of bees. Keep in mind that the Garden doesn't do anything about bees so guests had to swat at themselves through the entire ceremony and cocktail hour. Overall though, it was a beautiful ceremony.

I had to keep laughing at the groom through the day though because he just couldn't relax or get the nerves out of him. So, he kept finding projects to do with the setup. It was cute, and helped speed up the process so whatever works! There was less than 90 minutes to do complete setup of everything. The Gardens has Sunday brunch and this week it, of course, ran over the 3pm mark. Mind you, we had a 5:30 ceremony with everything immediately following. Time crunch? Just a bit. Thank goodness Bartolotta's staff is over accommodating and helped me set up a ton of stuff. They were great! This meant that everything went off without a hitch (or at least that's what it looked like to everyone else). :)

The bride was beautiful. Just a touch of makeup, hair pulled back, a long flowing veil, and this amazing lace sheath gown with just a little sweep train. It was pretty much perfection. She glowed and was so calm....I loved it!

One unique element that seems to be gaining popularity was the groom's attendants included two females. Both sisters, I believe. I love this concept. I love that they strayed away from all females on one side and all males on the other. It looked cool and I heard a couple guests comment how nice that was. Now, the next thing that I hope comes around to buck tradition is no silly lineup at all....just a nice arc of attendants in the background.

At any rate, this wedding came together beautifully. They had fabulous vendors (ahem, I may have had something to do with that) including my favorite florist, Petals, my all-time FAVE band, the 5 Card Studs, Brookfield Wedding Cakes, Expressive Photography, and of course Bartolotta's. You put all those people together and you're nearly guaranteed a flawless event. Which I, of course, am all about.

Corinne's wedding is on Saturday. More great vendors at the War Memorial and a bride who just may be the sweetest, kindest, most gentle gal ever. Can't wait!

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