Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nothing to do with Weddings

Or at least not really.

I haven't had a wedding-related appointment all week. I don't remember the last time this happened. Months and months and months I bet. I've done wedding work, but even that has been limited. That's usually what Fall is like for me. Things start to wind down for a few months and I plan to thoroughly enjoy it this year!

This means I'll actually get my ass back into the gym on a regular basis. In fact, as soon as I'm done writing this and finishing up some work stuff....I'm off to the gym. I'm one of those people that actually enjoys the gym. Actually, no, that's not right. I bitch about it before going, but once I get there, I have this huge weight taken off my shoulders. I feel this sense of relief as I do my cardio routine and head to the weights. It's calming for me. And best of all, it gets me in shape. Somehow, in the last year, I managed to go down quite a few dress sizes...however, with a new job in the last 9 weeks, I'm pretty damn certain that either I gained everything back or the body-shifting movements have really played a cruel trick on me. I'm 30 now you know and what they say is true. Things change. Things move. Weird. to the gym it is! And I will like it and I will be more religious about getting back into my gymrat routine.

See? Now I have to....because everyone now knows about it.

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Darci said...

Good luck at the gym...maybe we can motivate each other to go over the next year :)