Sunday, October 14, 2007

Corinne's Day

Yesterday was Corinne's Day. Wedding Day that is. Oh, and it was Dan's too, but we all know this is mostly about the bride anyway. :)

I have a huge regret about yesterday though. I did not get to spend any time with her at all. Not that I'm hanging onto my brides every weekend because there obviously is just not time for that, but I usually get to spend some time with them while they get ready, while they wait for the ceremony to begin, and my favorite part...waiting with them once their bridesmaids have left to go down the aisle and helping with last minute veil & train adjustments and passing them off to Dad or whoever is walking them down the aisle. I got none of that yesterday!

St. John's Cathedral in downtown Milwaukee was the gorgeous backdrop to this marriage. It is one of the few church's where I have encountered a cool church coordinator. However, as cool as he is (and he is FABULOUS! He even danced with me in the church. Um, long story) it's his show and that's the way he likes it. He insisted on calling me Nice Lady because he said he never gets to work with nice wedding planners. Aww! But it made my time at the church just very laid back. I assisted the florist and pinned all the corsages and boutonnieres so that the florist could take her daughter to a Halloween party. So, yes, I did have some kind of role. But the part I missed the most was being able to usher Corinne into the church foyer, place her flowers in her hands, drape her arm through her Dad's, straighten her train/veil and whisper "Congrats, have fun!" as she took off down the aisle. I was actually sad as I left the church to bolt over to the War Memorial.

But...I had to slap the sadness out of me once I got to the reception venue. The reception started at 5pm with cocktail hour in the main room so everything had to be set up in 90 minutes. Of course I get there and there are no linens on the tables, the tables are set up incorrectly, the cocktail area looks atrocious, etc. This is what happens when there are 16 yr old boys setting the room up with no War Memorial Salesperson supervision. On top of all that, I have all the vendors there early (yippee!) with nothing to do, but wait and get antsy. Fast forward and of course it all gets set up while I run around feeling like I am now part of the catering staff in order to get this all done in time.

Corinne & Dan used a green and brown motif to lay the designwork of the room. They intertwined alternating centerpieces with a lot of candlelight all set on beautiful table runners. Their guest book table was hands down the best one I've ever put together. It displayed engagement pictures of the couple in the center of the table with the guest book directly at the front edge of the table (with very classy pens in a tray---very cool idea!). Flanking this was wedding pictures of both the bride and groom's parents and grandparents. All with varying sizes of candles in between. Beautiful and so well done.

I bought a new digital camera today. My uploaded pictures of this wedding are not even close to being something that I can post here. Apparently, my camera had been dying for a while, but I now have proof that it went to photo hell yesterday. Too bad because the shots would have been great! So...this new camera should yield pics from now on!

One more wedding next weekend for the Fall and then I have a nice long break until Dec 21st. I plan it this way every year just so that I can enjoy my favorite time of year and not get so wrapped up into wedding work that I miss the fun of the holidays and everything else that goes on at this time of year.

Stacey is up next and I can't wait to meet with her tomorrow night to go over her final details! I haven't seen her in a long time so it'll be fun to see what ideas made it to the final stages and what's in store for me on Saturday.

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