Friday, October 12, 2007

Bride Blog

One of my "new" brides, Darci, has a blog. It's a fabulous blog and I'm already checking it constantly for her new updates. She's a fun writer so it's an easy read and well, it's all about wedding planning so it's obvious in my inner circle of things I tend to love. Better yet, it's about HER wedding planning.

Darci gets married next September and just recently hired me to be her Day of Coordinator. I simply call it fate now that I've gotten to know her through blogs and emails. It was the only date I had available for next September and I actually was going to mark "Don't Book" in my calendar for that date, but when Darci emailed, something inside of me said "Take this bride." So I did. I gave up my only free weekend in September 2008 so that I can head to Fontana to the Abbey Resort to help this lovely lady perfect her day.

Her blog is great and details the steps of her planning, the things she's considering, some vendors she's hired, some minor freak-out moments (Darci...there will be more to come and they are completely normal!), and just an overall account of what she's doing. It keeps her family and friends up to date and I imagine it's a great reference place to go to and keep track of the many ideas and pictures a bride-to-be accumulates during the planning process.

As a wedding planner, it's so great to go into this blog and see the vision unfold! No guessing what she's thinking or what she might mean by "green"'s all right there. Can I mandate that all my brides blog about their wedding planning? Probably not, but that sure would be nice. hint, hint. :)

So, check out her blog if you wish. Have fun planning along with Darci!


Darci said...

I can't believe you gave up your only free weekend in September for me, I feel honored! And I do agree that it was fate :)

Sarah Dennis said...

If you need another testament to how fabulous blogging can be for brides, please allow me to chime in! I can't tell you how much inspiration I get from fellow bloggers! Joining this community of brides, event planners, photographers, stationery designers, etc. has been the highlight of planning my wedding!

Last month I posted that I was planning a "game night" theme for my wedding and looking for inspiration, here's the post:

...and the response from the blogging community was unbelievable. Here are just a few the responses that I received full of suggestions and inspiration:



My Mother couldn't believe it!
I'm going back to my hometown to get married, so planning a wedding long distance can be stressful; but not when you have the such amazing women in blogosphere helping you! *smile*

No magazine can give you this kind of feedback. Please encourage your brides to start blogging, they won't regret it.

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