Monday, October 22, 2007

No More Brown Please

I love the color brown. Even when it wasn't popular, I always liked it. If my staple of basic black suddenly didn't exist anymore, brown it would be! the last 8 weekends, I believe only two of those weddings were accented by a color other than brown. Wait...I think it might have only been one wedding! I tried and tried two years ago to throw brown down the throats of so many brides lost in their pursuit of finding the perfect color palette for their big day. Nobody listened to me then. But now?....brown is everywhere.

I'll be honest....I'm looking forward to my nice Fall break that includes no weddings. No weddings means I don't have to see another brown dress for quite some time. :)

When you see weddings every single weekend, you tend to get sick and tired of the same things all the time. Granted, only the vendors are the ones that see the same thing every weekend; your guests, more than likely, don't attend a wedding every weekend. That's why I still encourage brides to do candy buffets, late night pizza/snacks, and other unique elements on their wedding day. Some brides tell me they hear that everyone does those things, but I always have to remind them that their guests are not traveling the Internet looking for wedding ideas, their guests are not a part of the bride-to-be message board craze, their guests are not reading issue after issue of wedding magazines.

It'll be fun to see what color makes a big hit in 2008. I have a lot of black/white weddings lined up so far for 2008 and for some reason, I never get tired of those.


Darci said...

Amen! I've been to 3 "brown" weddings this year. You'll see no brown in my world ;)

Maggie said...

Danica - I love your blog ;) So fun.

And I agree on the brown thing. Over it. Done. Next.

All my bridesmaids are wearing neon.

Sierra said...

I went to a brown and pink wedding three years ago and thought it was so fab! So much so that I almost used those colors for my own wedding...

I don't get to nearly enough weddings to pass judgement though. I wish I could go to more. Can I come to some with you? ;)

Jessie said...

I can't believe how popular brown is either. It started out as my favorite color on me, and then my favorite color period.

Sorry, but I think my wedding will still be brown. I think. I'm letting my BM's get whatever knee-ish length dress in whatever shade of brown they want though, does that help?

Danica said...

Oooh, Jessie....I like the idea of shades of brown (I still like brown weddings, I've just seen my fair share is all). You could do chocolate, creamy brown, variations of tan. I like it! can tag along on any wedding you want! I may put you to work though. :)

The Queen of Hearts said...

"throw brown down the throats of so many brides"

WOW, think that's a bit strong?

Erin Nevicosi said...

Brown has been my favorite color to wear for years and years, and no other color palettes really called out to me when searching for bridesmaid dresses and colors for our wedding.

I do, agree, though, that it's quite overdone.