Sunday, October 14, 2007

A-List I am Not

Whatever. I knew that the WISN's 2007 A-List would have the same winner in the Wedding Planner category as last year and the year before that and the year before.... :)

But hey! I came in 4th place! Not too shabby for my first year being nominated. And...that 4th place ranking came in without a mass email to my client list urging them to vote, vote, vote. Trust me, I wanted to, but at the end of the day I figured it wasn't a very "nicey nice" thing to do. So, 4 out of the over 13 companies that were nominated isn't too shabby I guess.

Maybe next year will be the year of Dreams & Designs.

So, to all those who voted and said the kindest things ever....I thank you. To the person(s) that nominated my business, thank you also. I guess by now you want to remain anonymous, but I sure am curious!


Meghan said...

Congrats, Danica! That's great, and you deserve it. I have no doubt that you will top the list before long.

I think I'm dying. said...

I am sad you didn't win... :( Next year for sure!!

Ang said...

I even voted for you using multiple e-mail addresses :(

Molly said...

You are still A-list in my book!

No Bridezilla said...

Congrats! I absolutely love your blog!