Thursday, October 4, 2007

Catholics Need Not Apply

Let me say right now...I'm Catholic. Therefore, I can say all of this.

Tonight was Rehearsal #1 for the weekend. In a Catholic church, which to me, the Wedding Planner, means sitting there for a good 90 minutes while the church coordinator goes through everything. I must say, the guy tonight was nice and didn't act like a total snot towards me when I introduced myself, but the intro was about as much as he wanted to talk about. From there, I was told exactly what my role would be on Saturday. Nothing. Except clean up. They love wedding planners only because it means they get to tell us to clean up. When I told him I would be leaving immediately after Tricia gets down the aisle to head to the reception site, he was almost in panic mode. I informed him the family was in charge of clean up. Ha!

From there...rehearsal was typical. But I felt bad for nearly everyone since not too many were Catholic and had no idea what they were in for. The Coordinator made them practice standing, sitting, bowing, the sign of peace, what to do during communion, what to do when the readers were doing their thing, and on and on. I swear, it's the only religion that ends up taking this long to figure out a wedding rehearsal. And go figure...yet another Priest that refuses to pronounce the first kiss. It's all just odd, this Catholic marriage thing. Although, not ALL of them are like this, most are.

I'm Catholic. Born & raised and very grateful for that upbringing. I wouldn't change it for anything despite the drama surrounding our particular religion these days. But weddings really have to be so strict and long and full of readings that no one understands? Give me a Lutheran wedding any day. Now those people know how to do this the right way!


Christi said...

Oh man Danica I couldn't agree more. And the fact often times you have communion mixed in!!! I'm like dear lord lets get this over with so we can celebrate and eat cake!!! =)

(I'm catholic as well)

Molly said...

I've been in a number of Catholic weddings (and I'm not Catholic) and while yes, the rehearsals for those are by far the longest, I've never been taught the sign of peace or kneeling. That is a riot. Why would a non-catholic pretend to do all of those things?