Sunday, December 30, 2007


Or something like that. I'm not Jewish, but every time I get to do a Jewish wedding, I am reminded how much fun they have at both the ceremony and of course, the reception. In Jewish history, it is practically an obligation to have a huge party after a couple weds and they ever!

Tanya & Steve got married last night in Fox Point. They got married where they both have attended synagogue forever. Where they both celebrated their Bat & Bar Mitzvahs. Where their families are no strangers to the congregation. It really was something. I had a blast with Tanya during the planning stages and she could run circles around Martha Stewart, let me tell ya.

We had several snafus with the florist, who shall remain nameless. I will just say that I will never be working with her again and I'm still shaking my head at what on earth she was thinking with the chuppah floral in all it's bright pink and fern greenery glory while the bouquets were a blend of ivory and burgundy roses. Huh? The bride thought the same thing. Luckily, Unnamed Florist redeemed herself at the reception with gorgeous branch centerpieces that were nearly as tall as me! What the bride doesn't' know about the reception is that I went around plucking more of that ugly green fern stuff away from it all. Shhhh...she doesn't need to know it was there in the first place.

Brynwood Country Club pulls off great events, mainly due to their diligent and happy staff. With an event coordinator and a banquet captain waiting on you hand and foot you can't really go wrong.

All in was beautiful. Tanya glowed. Seriously, she did. And her dress? Oh.My.God. I can't even put it into words actually. I didn't even have time to take pictures so I'm hoping my friends at Expressive Photography will send me a few.

One more wedding to go tomorrow. Then a nap.


Sierra said...

I, too, cannot wait to see her pictures!

Danica said...

Expressive took over 3,000 pictures so there will be lots for her to AW when she gets back and has them in her possession! They said they were only going to ditch maybe 500 of them and the rest looked to be keepers. Gosh, she was stunning!