Saturday, December 1, 2007

I'm Back

It's a been a month. I realize this. However, it's been a BUSY month with things other than weddings. Gasp! Can you believe it? I had the month of November off from all things weddings, well almost. My December weddings are all crammed into a matter of two weekends and all right before and right after the holidays. Not sure what I was thinking except that all my brides for those weddings are so darn nice that there is no way I could say 'no' without feeling bad about it.

Winter is here. As I look at my window right now the start of the blizzard is upon us and it's coming down forcefully. The selfish side of me is so happy that I didn't take a wedding for this weekend, the nice side of me feels so bad for all those women in their dresses today...but they'll get FABULOUS winter pictures if they can bare the cold for just a few minutes of their photographer's time. Winter pics are my favorite by far. There is just something magical about them. Almost mystical.

I'm in the final stages of getting everything done for my 12/21 couple that I'm doing full planning for. I cannot wait to meet them! I'm nearly giddy already. You see, this is the couple that is stationed in the Navy in all I have had with them is emails. A lot of emails. And that's it. Funny though how I have managed to get to know them, their styles, their personalities through a bunch of words. The next few weeks will be filled with my last-minute running around picking up some picture frames for some of their centerpieces, givin them their final checklist, finalizing church music, making sure the vendors are paid, prepping the decor that is taking up the back half of my living room, making list after list after list for myself and whatever else gets tossed my way. Yup, I'm going to be busy this month. Throw the holidays in there and 3 other weddings and I expect January will be here way quicker than I would like.

Oh, and if anyone you know is getting married 4.19.08 and is looking for a Day of Coordinator, I have an opening. Kind of. My bride that hired me for that day no longer needs my services and I really like her so I'd love to be able to fill the date and give her the deposit back. I've tried to talk with her mother to let her know that even though their venue promises them that they can do all the set-up on the wedding day, that's not the only reason I'm there. What about making sure all the vendors show up on time and are doing their job? What about keeping everyone to the timeline? What about ensuring that all of their decor is set up correctly? Venues and vendors may promise you that they'll do everything, but will they do it to your satisfaction? Too many times I've walked into a venue and table numbers are sitting on the tables facing away from the entrance, in different spots on all the tables, tipped over. It's the details. I do details. It's why people hire me. And at the end of the day it's a small $350 price to pay to know that you had a go-to person to take care of anything and everything that happens pre-ceremony to the time your guests sit down for dinner. On the other hand....$350 is money saved if you trust your vendors completely and don't need me.

Happy Birthday Dad!

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Jessie said...

Welcome back! I've missed you!