Sunday, December 2, 2007

Self-Promotion Post at its Best

One of my loyal readers emailed earlier in the week to say she missed my posts (awww!) and also to lead me in the direction of one of her website's newest articles. In a nutshell, it goes through why a bride and groom should consider hiring a Planner.

Their Top 3 reasons included:

1. To Get a Break
2. To Save Money
3. To Avoid Family Conflict

I can attest to the fact that these really are the top 3 reasons. Those that don't hire a Planner usually reflect back on these exact things after the wedding and wish they had done so. Keep in mind, that although a Planner is an amazing tool to utilize during the entire planning process, I realize it is not in everyone's budget or even in their overall scheme of what they want. However, a Day of Coordinator is in almost everyone's budget. Especially if you find a Coordinator that will work with your budget and your needs.

To elaborate on the above points, Getting a Break is essential in planning any event. Do you really want to have to be the go-to person for every single detail, idea, decision, etc.? Probably not. Especially the day of the wedding. There is no more awful feeling on the day of your wedding than vendors tapping you on your shoulder to ask your opinion on something or to let you know that something is wrong. You, your family, your friends should not have to deal with any of this on your Big Day. For that reason alone, invest in a Coordinator!

Most brides don't realize that if they hire a professional wedding specialist, they will end up saving money. Usually a lot of money. Yes, you are going to have to pay your Planner, however, in the weddings I've done full planning for the bride has ended up saving at least double what she paid me for my services. The reason is due to the fact that I have long-standing relationships with other wedding vendors. Good wedding vendors. Wedding vendors that aren't going to screw me or the bride over. Wedding vendors that value the referrals I send their way and are willing to negotiate with me on pricing for my bride. I also utilize reputable Internet sites that most aren't aware of that give great deals and discounts. I'm able to buy many items wholesale which means my bride just got those deals. So, think of hiring a Planner as an initial investment to save money in the end.

Want or need someone to run interference during the planning process or even on the day of the wedding? That's what your planner is for. You will always have a professional and unbiased approach by a Planner. I'm not going to agree with your mother just because she's mom. I'm not going to go along with Aunt Betty's crazy cake idea just because she swears it will be beautiful. I'm there for the couple, for their wants and needs. I'm there to explain benefits and downfalls to the family so their daughter is not labeled the "Bad Bride."

There are other great reasons to hire a Planner of course. However, I truly believe these are the top reasons. These reasons alone will let you be the Bride on your wedding day and that is it.


Sara said...

I really wanted a DOC. I searched and searched and literally did not find ONE in NE Ohio at the time. That has since changed, but UGH! That was frustrating.

The result? Everything went perfect (I attribute that to me being anal retentive and having everything planned to a T), but my sister, dad, and brother-in-law had to set up and take down all the chairs at the ceremony. And that still bothers me. I can see it in the pictures.

I wish I would have thought to bribe you to take a weekend trip to Ohio for "fun," and hey - since you're there, could you do my wedding? :)

Danica said...

I so would have done it for you! You know I would have! :)

Sierra said...

I agree with you one million percent!

My DOC was FABULOUS. I seriously was in love with her! She came with my venue, but I absolutely would have spent money for her. Having her saved my sanity.

And, welcome back!

Melissa | said...

Danica, Thanks so much for the link and welcome back! It's great to hear from you again! :)

Katy said...

This is my one regret of the wedding--not have a DOC...I so wish I would have hired you:) Seriously!