Monday, December 3, 2007

I've Said it Before...

...and I'll say it again. I love my Brides. MY brides. I claim them, love them, and am always sad when I have to give them up.

Another wonderful bride tonight. A fun and chatty consultation meeting. A wedding date that I was not going to take because June is so busy already. However, she was a referral from one of my September 2007 brides and I just cannot turn down referrals if at all possible. When I do, I feel terrible and literally lose sleep over it. So, I said Yes to this June 28, 2008 bride. So glad I did! She's a sweetheart and not wedding-obsessed and just FUN!

People are always asking me how my brides are and how I can possibly stand working with brides all the time. I really think they question my honesty when I almost always tell them that I have the best brides ever. Hands down, the BEST. Sure, I've had a Bridezilla or two, but with as many weddings as I've done, that's really not that bad. Maybe I attract the sane ones, maybe I'm just smarter than the other Planners and know how to weed out the crazies before they sign on my dotted line. Maybe someone up there is watching out for me. Whatever it is, it seems to be working. The day it stops working is the day Dreams & Designs closes shop.


Kaitlin said...

Not realy related to the post, but where in CO did you live? I absolutely fell in love with Steamboat as well, so excited to be moving there!!

Danica said...

I lived in Denver (Cherry Creek area) and worked for Marriott as a Regional in the Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs markets. I miss it a lot!!! But luckily I visit about 4 times a year so I make it work. :)