Sunday, July 29, 2007

You Want Me To What?!?!

A note from a friend earlier this week prompted this post. She's helping with a wedding and the couple has asked her to do some decorating that involves a ladder being placed in an area that I can only imagine is viewed as far from safe as possible. She said "What would you do?"

My response was....Don't do it. If asked to do any decorating as extensive as that, I write it in my contracts that I don't do that. More times than not, the venue won't let me get on a ladder anyway. If something happens to me while I'm in their venue, chances are they're going to end up at fault. I know, our justice is system is screwy, but it is what it is.

Here's a fun list of things I've been asked to do. I may, or may not have done some or all of these. You be the judge!

  1. Babysit the Kid's Room during dinner/reception
  2. Help the Bride go to the bathroom
  3. Given a picture of someone who is not allowed in and kick them out or call police if they show up
  4. Return all rented items the following week when I was hired only for the Day
  5. Run honeymoon errands at Wal-Mart, complete with list and the promise to "reimburse" me
  6. Take potted plants from ceremony back to the couple's home and put them back in the soil of their flower beds
  7. Help Grandma eat
  8. Be the MC for the evening
  9. The ladder and decorating thing
  10. Putting over $2,000 in last-minute chair cover rentals on my credit card
  11. Acting as the Banquet Manager and dismissing tables for the buffet at dinner
  12. Cleaning cobwebs out of the windows of the reception site
  13. Rolling out tables and setting them up by myself
  14. Serving food because not enough wait staff showed up
  15. Bartending several times
  16. Picking people up from the airport the day before wedding. Again, I was hired for Day of.
  17. Planning the entire wedding when I was hired for Day of.
  18. Ensure that the Maid of Honor does not do anything "crazy"
  19. Keeping parents away from each other
  20. Chasing a mother around b/c she's not allowed to see or talk to the bride b/c they haven't spoken in over five years


Anonymous said...

Danica - those all suck.
I hope you didn't do any of those, let alone ALL of them. Yikes!

Elizabeth said...

Ha! I'm honored to have been mentioned in this post. :) Reading that list you just typed makes me wonder if I should reconsider pursuing this whole DOC thing...

Love the blog, by the way!

Danica said...

Elizabeth, email me anytime with questions. :)

Danica said...

What's really funny that this isn't even the half of it. These are requests that I get on a somewhat regular basis. I left out the really crazy ones for the sake of protecting some of my bride's identities should they read this.

Anonymous said...

I would love to hear the crazy ones sometime, but I completely understand your reasons!

There were a couple on your list that weren't THAT bad - I hope that one of those was Elizabeths :)

Tracey said...

Oh I can relate. 8 months as a wedding coordinator at a local hall shocked me. I can't believe the things brides wanted me to do! Actually the worst was the MOBs. I could write a book.

Molly said...

Hilarious list. I can only imagine what was edited out!

People asked some equally crazy and rude things of me as a bride - my favorite was a friend who was considering attending (from far away) who wondered if she did come if I would provide her with my home to stay in and my car to get around in while she was here. You can imagine what I wanted to say to that.

Jess P said...

Wow. I think I understand where the term "bridezilla" comes from now.

Sarah said...

This brings back memories. I used to DOC and MOC in college. I've picked up relatives at the airport, dropped off/picked up dry cleaning, grocery shopped, washed sheets and towels, and ironed suits. I have trouble saying no. You have my sincere sympathies.