Sunday, July 15, 2007

Oh Canada!

I met with the nicest couple a few weeks ago. They are planning an August 2008 wedding and needed help. Well, I shouldn't say they needed help, they were demanding help. The bride is an event planner for a very prestigious venue in Milwaukee and when they got engaged, she was absolutely certain that she did not want to plan their entire wedding. I'm pretty sure that most of my full-plan weddings that I've done have been for brides that are in the event planning or fundraising industries. When they do this for a living, it no longer seems attractive or fun to do it for yourself. In fact, they view it as another job. And I totally get it!

So, we meet and we talk and we go through preliminary plans. We part ways, them loaded with Dreams & Designs information and myself happy to have met another FUN couple!

Fast forward a week or so. They have decided to look into getting married in Canada! Quebec City to be exact. The best part is that they still want me to be their planner. How cool is that? Their initial vision is a small, intimate family affair in Canada. Ceremony and reception in the same location with adventure outings for the guests! I'm in love with them all over again. I love seeing couples do different things and of course I love to be involved to shape their unique idea into their own.

So......the bride and I are currently researching Quebec City and all that it has to offer to make sure that this is doable. She has all the faith in the world in me, it appears I'm the skittish one and being extra cautious as I go into this. Committing to plan a wedding is a feat in itself; committing to plan a wedding in another country is above and beyond that. I'm in for a challenging and fun planning process and I can't wait!

Destination weddings are great. I think they're great for so many reasons. Everyone does them differently. Some go alone, some invite only immediate family, others invite their entire guest list! I've been to more than a few and have been fortunate enough to assist in planning a couple as well. There's almost always extreme beauty involved in destination weddings, whether it's open sky as far as you can see or mountains in the backdrop or a body of water that you swear is only made for postcards. Beautiful doesn't even justify it most times.

Looks like you'll all be along on my Canadian Experience if this ends up being a solid decision.

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