Thursday, July 12, 2007

Another Engagement!

As a planner and a just-turned 30 female...I've seen my fair share of engagements over the past 10 years. But there is still just something that excites me when someone new announces they're getting married. I love it! I think I love seeing how happy they are. My Sales Manager just got engaged and I'm surprised I've allowed myself 3 whole blog posts before reporting on it. (Hi Andi!)

Their engagement story is cute, one that is going to be loads of fun to tell over and over and over again. I think they basked in the glow of newly engaged coupledom for all of 1.3 days. Then the plans started. When your boss is a wedding planner on the side and your other co-worker is literally obsessed with weddings (Hi Jaime!) was just the next natural course of direction. A crisp December 2008 wedding it is! That's the problem with getting engaged either plan it quick or you take your time. They opted for the latter. Wedding talk is amiss in our office and it's quite fun. The places they can go, the times they can choose, they style of their day, the centerpiece options and on and on.

But suddenly, the "Yay! I'm engaged!" phase is literally phased out. Now it's work to go look at all these places. It's crazy how every bride/couple goes from Cloud 9 to a negative 5 on the Richter Scale of Happiness. All because of planning. Weddings are great, don't get me wrong. But every bride knows exactly what I'm talking about. Chin up everyone! The worst part is in the's when almost all of the choices need to be made, compromises are a plenty, and you grab hold of your wallet with dear life and pray for the best. Once the foundation is laid, the rest somehow magically falls into place.

I'm hoping this all rings true for Andi & Kris. It's a tough part of the engagement and the whole time you're answering questions from friends and family about when it will be, where it will be, I can help by ______, are you excited, etc. And then, you're unlucky enough to have a boss that plans weddings on a regular basis! It's tough for me to talk weddings with friends and family when I do this all the time. I KNOW what I like, KNOW what I don't. But they're my opinions and while I've seen plenty of things to back up most any advice I'd impart on anyone, it's still not my place. Well, unless I really have to. :) I do have to catch myself though from being overly involved and giving too many opinions and suggestions. The bottom line is that everyone's taste is different...that's what makes every single wedding so unique. So, I'll chirp in when I feel the need and offer advice on the good, the bad, the ugly when it comes to vendors and be honest with what takes time (Andi, you're still NOT putting centerpieces together yourself on the day of your wedding!) and where you can cut corners. But other than that....I'm just going to enjoy yet another engagement in my office!

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Sara said...

Danica, you would have gotten a kick out of us when we got engaged. He proposed Saturday night, we set the date Sunday afternoon based on the football schedule. Simple as that! Literally the day after, the plans began! I wouldn't have had it any other way - I'm a planner :)