Saturday, July 7, 2007


This is it. The long-awaited blog. The long-awaited wedding planning blog. Well, at least for me. I'm not exepecting anyone to read this actually and will be happy knowing that perhaps just my mother will get a kick out of it and feel just a little more connected to her wedding planning daughter. (If she had it her way, she'd come down every weekend to be my "assistant".)

I've been encouraged to start this by multiple people, even my brides! I make no promises of how updated it will be, but I'm going to try my best. I enjoy being busy, but that's the main reason why I have always feared starting a blog. Keeping up with it may prove to be a challenge.

The focus will be on all things wedding, but again, no promises! More than likely other aspects of life will probably get thrown in here too. Such as my crazy "real" career as the Director of Sales & Marketing for one of the busiest hotels downtown Milwaukee. Yes, I'm proud!

The history behind the wedding planning gig goes a little something like this though. I started working in a bridal salon many moons ago and fell in love with the industry right away. After realizing the lack of career direction and salary it would ultimately provide, I went back to the hotel roots and have been there ever since. I've never been obsessed with weddings, I just like the details and planning and execution of any event really. I've always been the or friends having a party? They would call me. Need help setting up a wedding? They would call me. After doing lots of "favors" for friends and friends of friends, my smartest friend of them all as well as my family suggested I do this planning thing for real. "Like charge for it and everything", I said? Yup. So I did. And it has been a crazy ride, a proud accomplishment, and a full on whirlwind ever since.

So....welcome to my blog. I'll update on the weddings I'm planning, the couples I meet and work with, the challenges of it all, the high points, and of course.....the weddings themselves!


Erin Nevicosi said...

Congrats on starting the new blog, Danica! I'll be a loyal reader!

(Man, how I wish you could write about that ONE story ... !)

Sara said...

Welcome, Danica!

Can't wait to hear all these interesting stories!

Ditto Erin - that was a doozie (hmm... never had to try to spell that before!).