Monday, February 25, 2008

An American Club Wedding

I am way late on posting my experience as a Day of Coordinator at the American Club for Jess & Dan's wedding. Busy, busy as always and blogging has been put to the wayside. It was a beautiful wedding ceremony in every sense of the word. I honestly can't describe it to it's full justice. Imagine tall glass vases of varying heights and shapes with a single white rose in it. Now imagine this in mass quantity as a backdrop to your makeshift altar in the ballroom and also flanking the entrance to the aisle. I took pictures, but unfortunately it was too dark so I can't even post them without them looking very understated.

Oh, and the candles. Candlelight in the form of pillars and votives everywhere! It really was breathtaking and it was yet another example of how simple floral with simple vases can be the most elegant, glamorous look of all. I'm not kidding when I say this wedding could have been photographed as a celebrity wedding. It was that classy.

And to all brides who are contemplating An American Club wedding in Kohler, WI....contemplate no further. Seriously, they are fabulous. You have a team of people dedicated to YOU and your family that day taking care of you, changing last minute set-ups, perfecting the lighting, etc. They care and they care a lot. It shows in their "can do" attitude no matter how large the request.

So why was I there? If the American Club is so great, why would anyone need a professional Coordinator the day of? Because you have to keep in mind that although the venue is fabulous, you have also hired multiple vendors to bring everything together for the big day. Take for instance the florist. He had a HUGE job and there was just no way he had time to run to different guest rooms to pin the boutonnieres on the men or to track down the grandma's to pin their corsages. That's what I'm there for. I also am almost always the only person with the master plan for that day. I was the only one that knew there would be "secret vows" exchanged after the lighting of the unity candle and made the logistical arrangements for it. I was the only one that knew that the 2 horse figurines needed to be set at the Father of the Bride's table as an inside joke from the groom. I'm the one with the final play list for the DJ. I'm it. I have more information than everyone else that day. It was a stress-free day for me and with the ceremony and reception back to back, it was a quick day as well. But it was perfect. And it was perfect for the couple.

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Molly said...

Please get pictures from the photog! I really want to see what this looked like!