Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Best New Year's Eve Wedding Ever

If I go into too much detail about this wedding, this post is likely to turn into a novel or at least a short story.

It was Kristi & TJ's day last night. With a candlelight ceremony that began at 5:30pm and close to 200 guests literally ready to break down the ceremony site doors...it was off to a festive start.

Here are the highlights of the evening and you'll soon see why their marriage union was so beautiful.

1. Classy bride. In a gold and deep ivory toned gown and a killer all-teeth smile, she stole the show without even trying. Did I mention she's the sweetest gal ever? And all of her family and friends seem to think so too.

2. Bringing Dad down to the ballroom for a private first glimpse of his daughter was one of the best things I've ever done as a Coordinator. It was magical, teary-eyed, and a very touching moment.

3. The bridal party went to Flannery's to have drinks, relax and have pics done. Cool? Yes.

4. Bride's uncle, a judge in New London, officiated the ceremony with humor, spirituality, religion, and so much love and pizazz.

5. Bride's cousin performed some vocal pieces, including a solo of "Ordinary Miracle" before the processional even began! Cool? Yes, again.

6. Bride's brother performed some vocal pieces and gave me the chills. Can we say "Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts? (((Sigh)))

7. Newlyweds walked out to "Accidentally In Love" performed by the two soloists. Does it get any cooler than that??

8. Lillys make the room smell amazing and the guests commented on it it forever

9. Battery-powered mini-light strands are the best invention ever.

10. Milwaukee Athletic Club now has their cake contract through The Cake Lady. Sweet!

11. The couple put together a very fun, touching, and beautiful DVD show

12. They also had a DVD video countdown to midnight. Cool again? You betcha!

13. Having all of your toasts done before salads even comes out is the smartest thing to do. I wish more of my brides listened to me when it comes to this.

14. A close friend of the couple played piano through the ceremony

15. Including all of these loved ones in your wedding day is what makes your wedding unique. Kristi & TJ pulled it off flawlessly.

Congratulations to both of you and Happy New Year to all of my readers!


Molly said...

what a beautifully planned night!

Sierra said...

That sounds like a really nice wedding!