Wednesday, September 5, 2007

WISN A-List. Me? Really?

After a very long day of work yesterday, I came home to an email from WISN. I almost deleted it thinking it was spam of some sort, then it clicked that this was Milwaukee's WISN, the tv station. I opened it and lo and behold I have been chosen to be listed on the annual WISN A-List of Milwaukee in the Wedding Planners section.

Someone, or a few someones, nominated Dreams & Designs I guess. I'm hoping to find out who this was and can only imagine it was one of my brides. If the mystery nominator is reading...Thank You! I owe you something. Something big.

I'll just cut to the chase. Here's the link to vote for my business. They make it a little work as you have to vote and then they will send you a link via email to confirm your vote. I believe you also have to write a brief little note about why Dreams & Designs is the best. This is the part I have a problem with if you've never actually used my services....but, I'll turn the other cheek as long as the comments are nice. I'm sure they're all very accurate. :) Oh, and you can remain anonymous with the comment, which is a nice feature for at least my family members that I'm sure will vote just because, well, they're family. I think they have to.

So now my dear blog readers, your assistance please with this delicate question. In Milwaukee, the A-List is a big deal. BIG. I'm not sure why it has risen to the heights of almighty glory that it has, but it's something that businesses define themselves with the entire year if selected as the "best of the best" in Miltown. Do I do the same as so many of my favorite businesses have done and send an email to my past clients to have them vote? Or do I let word of mouth work it's magic and let the votes come in as they will? Who am I kidding anyway?....maybe there will be no votes and this is all for naught. Let's face it, Dynamic Events will probably just win again anyway. ((((Sigh))))

For the record...the pictures on that listing for my business are not what I would have chosen, but apparently WISN does all of that. Oh well.

As lame as this all is, I'll admit, I'm kind of excited!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I went and voted but I think it's fair because you've helped me and answered a lot of my questions. Good luck!

Christi said...


I wandered over here from Sara's blog (A Milwaukee Buckeye) and I'm thrilled I did because I think I'll be sticking around for a while. My mom owns a bridal salon in Burlington, WI and I managed that for a year and a half..a year ago. Needless to say, I know what it's like to work in the bridal industry and I'm thrilled to re-live it all again through your blog =)

Even though I've never met you, nor read your blog in the past, I will certainly vote for you. Your company sounds great, and that's reason enough for me!!

Danica said...

Hi Christi!
Welcome and thanks for the kind words. I started out in the bridal industry many moons ago managing a bridal salon in Green Bay. I must have been hooked from that point on. :)