Thursday, August 23, 2007


That's what my life has been lately....a literal whirlwind.

I'll have to keep this short and sweet, but much to my surprise, I've had a couple email requests wondering why I haven't been blogging.

1. I have a new job. Yes, a REAL job. I have one of those. I'm not JUST a wedding planner. :) Trust me, wedding planning in Milwaukee doesn't exactly pay the bills nor do I want it to actually. I have left my world of Marriott hotels where I grew up the past 11 1/2 years and have gone back to my roots of restaurants. I am doing Sales & Marketing for a new upscale fine dining restaurant in downtown Milwaukee. You figure it out from there! My first week has been full of training and I mean intense training. Even though my job entails 85% outside sales and marketing, I still have to learn everything about the restaurant just as any other manager would. I'm overwhelmed and exahusted, that's for sure. But it's sure to be fun once these 4-6 weeks are done!

2. This is the busiest wedding weekend I have all year. I just got back from a rehearsal, then 2 weddings this weekend, one of which is in Madison. I have never even had the pleasure to meet my Madison bride since our schedules were both crazy and we just couldn't make a time work. But we have a pretty solid email and phone relationship so I am just chomping at the bit to see her on Saturday!

3. Summer is almost over so I start cramming everything into a few weeks. Dave Matthews concert this Sunday (hello! I have to be at work at 8am on Monday!), a trip to Denver in a couple weeks, another concert, a rafting/canoe trip. The list goes on and on.

I'm not complaining, I swear. But by the end of September I plan on taking a very LONG nap at some point!

Hang in there with me until life calms down a little. I promise to keep updating on my weddings!

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