Monday, September 17, 2007

Who Are These People?

I don't check my sitemeter very often, but I can now see how this can become addictive. For those that are not familiar with this whole blogging thing, and trust me I'm not far behind you, the sitemeter tracks the number of hits your blog gets along with information regarding the city/state of each hit, or my favorite..the google results.

But seriously...who are these people reading my blog? I have several "regular" readers from areas around the world where I know I have no personal connection. I just find it nearly fascinating that strangers feel the urge to read about my wedding planning highs and lows. It may confirm my theory that EVERYONE is obsessed with weddings to some extent.

The googles are the best. People end up reading my blog from a google search that I'm sure never had any intention of landing them in some Wisconsin woman's wedding planning blog. For instance....someone once googled 'Danica Bridezilla' which I know was in an effort to find the TV show episode featuring someone with my name. But whoever you are dear reader, you have now become a loyal reader of this blog. There's also an awful lot of people out there googling Milwaukee Weddings and for some reason....they end up linking up here. In all seriousness, this blog has become quite the marketing tool. The funniest google search yet though may be the one titled 'Hate Aunts Uncles' which brought up my post about Guest List Woes. Odd? I think so.

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