Thursday, November 6, 2008


Most definitely it has been too long! I have no excuses, but I do have explanations. Unfortunately, they are not for the public blogging world to know about. Sorry everyone! Rest assured though that I am alive and well and still very much a Wedding Planner. I did take the month of October off though, which had been arranged since last Fall. See how the life of a Wedding Planner works? have to take time off a year in advance. Crazy.

November is here though and that means it's time for winter wedding season. It always amazes me every year how more and more couples are choosing winter in Wisconsin for their season of marriage. It's beautiful though, well most times anyway. The beautiful photo ops with snow falling in the background is reason enough! Oh, and the once in a lifetime chance to buy a faux fur wrap of course. :)

Saturday's wedding has Stephanie & Jason tieing the knot in a full Catholic Mass followed by a reception for well over 200 guests. She's put a lot of work into the details of her wedding so it will be fun to bring it all together. She's also the bride that says "Danica, just do what you need to do, I don't care." Ahhhh....a dream. She's detailed in her notes, but is open to working with what we're given once we're on location. Let's face it, vendors often arrive on site and have to make some quick changes in order to pull off the look and feel of what the bride desires. But it always works and that's the fun part.

Now, for the weather on Saturday. Stephanie is convinced it's going to rain. It rains for all her special occasions. In fact, Wisconsin had very bad rainstorms with flooding and all for her 30th birthday. So, she's prepared for rain and I gave her the idea of using large umbrellas for some very memorable pictures. trusty weatherman Mark Baden says it's probably snow we're getting this weekend. I'm not sure I'm ready to be tromping around in snow this weekend, but no matter what it will be a great day for this couple.

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