Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Moved

Just to another home, but moving is tough! I bought a house in the perfect neighborhood. The house is far from perfect, but slowly but surely I intend to make it my own little world of home perfection. I guess I should get unpacked and organized first.

My wedding business is officed out of my home. It just doesn't pay for me to have overhead by leasing out an actual off-site office and this decision to be home-based has never affected my business. So, it remains. However....I almost feel like I moved two different things. My home and my work. My work is still boxed up though. I did manage to con my brother into putting together my desk for me and arranging it exactly where I wanted it in my office. That part is done! My part though? The part that includes unpacking multiple wedding client folders, calendars, binders, etc? That's not exactly even started. I keep justifying it by saying "I don't have any more weddings this month so nothing is too pertinent." Wrong. It's ALL pertinent! Now! I've given myself a deadline of Sunday night to at least get organized in this new fancy office of mine. And by organized, let me just clarify that to me that means unpacked and a desk in order. I'll cut myself some slack for getting pictures hung. :)

Here's to a brand new office that is HUGE and has convinced me already that I will be the Wedding Planner Extraordinaire. All due to the office of course.

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Rebecca said...

Moving is always exciting... something new. I'm envious... I'd love to have a nice, new work station at home ;)

good luck!