Sunday, June 22, 2008


I'm on a significantly long (AKA: Boring) layover and decided to amuse myself and my readers with some much overdue blogging. I'm on my way to Hawaii so while this may be a wedding blog, I'm fairly certain you will all get a sneak peek of my paradise island vacation when I return.

If you're in WI, or just about anywhere in the States I know that our weather has been less summer-like than usual. While the first day of summer was only yesterday, typically we still get a good amount of sun and warmth in the month of June. Not this year. We have been declared a state with multiple disaster areas, homes lost, farm crops under water, rivers literally washed away one day and then rising too high the next. Torrential rain showers clouded our days for weeks on end. I wish I was kidding. It's sad actually. People may read this and think it's only rain! But it's's more than that. What this weather has done to our state, and my city, in particular is just unbelievable. What it is doing to the already deflated local economy is only making it worse.

What does this have to do with weddings? Well, by some act of God or whatever you may believe in, the weddings this month that I have done have all managed to be held under clear skies. At least for the ceremony moment. It was almost eerie the last few weekends how the ceremonies all went off without any weather alerts, no tornado sirens blaring, blue partly cloudy skies, temps in the 70's. And then....for each wedding the clouds started rolling in. Storms made their ugly head. But not until the most important, the most beautiful part of these couples days took place. Crazy. But it makes me think that sometimes someone greater really is shining down on happy moments.

Here's to better weather the rest of the summer!

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