Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Grand Event

I did a wedding a few weekends ago at The Grand Geneva in Lake Geneva, WI. If you're not familiar with this venue, it is the former Playboy Club from way back in the day. It is 'Grand' for sure, and although the remnants of Playboy are long gone and no longer linger bunny tails or the famous backward bend when they deliver your drink, the Grand Geneva still lives up to its reputation.

It's one of those places where everyone is on their best behavior. Where even the "kids" that are bellman, golf assistants, catering crew are acknowledging you by name or Miss or Sir. I like that. While I'm not a stuffy, formal gal in my regular day to day life, I still like the allure and the sanctity of knowing that there are still places like this that exist. A place where you can go and KNOW without a doubt that you will be taken care of and respected no matter what. Pretty neat.

Sabrina & Lee come very different places. As in countries apart. Sabrina is from the IL parts and Lee is from Wales. As in the country. And guess what? He's staying here...because he met Sabrina. In a bar. I will argue to my death to those that say you can't find love in a bar. Yes you can!

These two individuals experienced a ceremony that perfectly combined his Scottish heritage (kilts and all and let me tell you....those guys looked amazing!) with American traditional elements. Did you know that in Wales they pin boutonnieres upside down? They think us Americans pinning them flower side up is a bit out there. :) I have to admit, I liked the look of an upside down boutonniere. Sabrina & Lee performed a sand ceremony in lieu of the Unity Candle and they also did a rock ceremony, another piece of Wales brought into the day. Their favors consisted of a Celtic tradition of each guest receiving a wooden loving spoon. And since Lee is a huge Rugby fan and player his groom's cake was of a Wales Rugby team. Very cool indeed.

It was fun to be around the Wales accents, the sharply dressed men from Wales (seriously, they know their shoe fashion!), and witnessing the coming together of traditions and cultures.

Cheers to Sabrina & Lee! And Cheers to the Grand Geneva staff for pulling off yet another event flawlessly. And a special thank you to their bell staff, who without, I would have been lugging way too many things long distances around that resort.

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