Sunday, March 30, 2008


It would seem as though nothing happened in my world of wedding planning in the month of March according to this blog. My apologies, dear reader....this little wedding planner has been busy, busy, busy.

I finally bit the bullet and had some headshots taken in February by the oh so fabulous Molly of Mthree Studio. As much as I don't like pictures of myself, she definitely brought out the good side of me. Now if only I could figure out how to add them to my blog layout in some sort of fashion. My website needs a serious facelift, but it has not shifted to the top of my priority list as of yet. However, when it does....people will now see me! It's proven time and time again that people like to know who they're buying from. In my case of event planning, many times I don't get to meet my brides before they book due to their location. So, I hope this will at least personalize it a little more for them. Although I can tell you right now, I'm bringing the funny in these stuffy business portrait for this gal!

One other note about Mthree....she also did a sibling shoot for my brother, sister, and I. It turned out fabulous! Molly is super creative and it came through in the pictures. Winter pictures none the less!! In the freezing cold! With a snowstorm brewing! Serious fun though and the coolest pictures I've seen in a long time.

I'm planning a Door County wedding! The first battle is finding a unique location. Preferably a waterfront house that can hold a tent on the property. While there are many out there, there are even more that hear WEDDING and tell me no right away. C'mon people!....the couple is super sweet, beyond mature, and it's a small wedding. Cut me some slack! I'm convinced we'll find something in the next few weeks though. Once the venue and date are chosen, everything else will fall into place. So for any of my Door County readers, if you know of anyone that rents their homes out and fits the above description, let me know!

Although we aren't in the heavy midst of wedding season quite yet, as a planner, I'm in the thick of it already. Lots of appointments happening soon to gear up for those May/June weddings. I have so many out of town brides this year so being able to finally meet them is quite exciting!

On a final note....drumroll please......apparently I have been selected as a WI Best of Wedding Picks for The Knot magazine, a national wedding planning magazine. Each year their readers vote on the "Best of the Best" in their local area. I received a call from The Knot last week to gather more info and congratulate me. No word yet on when the issue will be on the newsstands, but I'll be sure to let everyone know! It's pretty exciting!

Now if the weather could just warm up enough so I could prance around in my beloved flip-flops, all would be right with the world. :)

Til next time............


Molly said...

Whoo HOo! Danica's back! The blog has been too quiet for sure.

Jessie said...

I apologize if this is obvious, but have you tried the vacation rentals by owner site ( )? I know they have a ton of listings for Door County because we've talked about going there for a honeymoon.

Darci said...

Congrats on The Knot award! So well deserved. And I love the pics :)

Erin said...

I love the new pics!

Anonymous said...

The Square Rigger's right on Lake Michigan in Jacksonport...anymore questions...ask!