Saturday, October 30, 2010

A wedding photography giveaway

Vendors in the industry are always letting us wedding planners know about their latest & greatest things they have going on. This one is too good to pass up for all you bride-to-be's out there!

Andy Stenz Photography and Jamie M Swanson Photography, both Wisconsin photographers, have teamed up once again for their spirited annual contest. You can check out the details here to enter! I'd be tickled if a reader of my blog won it. Good luck!


Kennady said...

. If a weddingwedding planner is using a lot of the small votive candles, do not light them too early. These candles do not last very long and often times they are lit so early that they are extinguishing themselves just as salads are placed in front of guests. There went that vision!

Barbara Wedding planner in Houston said...

That's very nice post,I think that post was very much needed! Thank you so much for it :)

Jewish weddings in Israel said...

So helpful! I am recently engaged and just starting the planning process. Will definitely utilize aspects of this post :)