Monday, July 7, 2008

Cool Brides, Please Apply

I'm meeting with the coolest bride tomorrow night. And her equally cool fiance.

Ok, I really don't know that they're the coolest couple ever. But so far through cyber-space and multiple email exchanges...they are. When you're exchanging 'Whoo Hoo's' and giddy chats over email, let me tell ya, it's bound to be true love between a bride and her planner.

I mean, the girl wants to meet over drinks for our first consultation. Cool? I need not say more.
They are getting married next Fall and from the sounds of it, they need help with full planning. Which I loooooove to do and don't have one lined up for Fall anymore so it's perfect timing. It also sounds like a very unique intimate wedding with it taking place at his parent's home on the Lake, I believe.

More details to come of course. For now, I am just counting down the hours until I meet A & C!


Sierra said...

Have fun with them! I s'pose they're kind of cool people...their friends are anyway! I am certain their wedding will be fabulous!

Keegan Hurd said...
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*~ Jane ~* said...

I love brides like that!!! I too have to coolest brides!