Thursday, April 24, 2008

Milwaukee & Door County

Apparently they are a match made in heaven. At least for me, that is.

This year I have received several inquiries for Door County weddings from brides that live in Milwaukee (and Chicago, but are from Milwaukee and family still lives here). It's no secret that most Door County weddings are destination weddings; meaning that the couple lives elsewhere and nearly all the guests will travel to be a part of their big day. It's also no secret that most destination weddings utilize the assistance and talents of an event planner. It's just easier that way.

While Door County does have a resident wedding planner, I'm finding more of these Milwaukee/Chicago area brides are interested in using a Milwaukee planner. Why? Well, it means less trips to Door County to meet with someone. And with gas prices the way they are that's a big deal. It's also helpful that I'm a Door County native. I KNOW Door County. I don't need to be up there 24/7 to locate my vendors and plan these weddings. Practically everything is done through email anyway, especially in the off-season when Door County vendors are typically "wintering" somewhere warm and doing business from their laptop only if needed. The couples love the convenience of meeting with me in their own stomping grounds and still getting Door County wedding business taken care of.

I'm meeting with my next potential Milwaukee/Door County couple in a few weeks. They already sound very sweet and nice and they were referred to me by a Milwaukee photographer (Hi Molly!) who apparently will be making the trip to the Door for their wedding day as well.

I have a feeling my mom is liking the sounds of all these Door County weddings as well. It means she'll see more of me! Hi Mom!


Molly said...

Oooo Good! I was hoping they would contact you! It just seemed like a perfect fit - the minute they said Door County I thought of you!

Tracey said...

Love me a wedding in Door County!

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kennady said...

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